A blessing of Angels for L’Arche at this time

May the Angels in their beauty bless us,
May they turn towards us streams of blessing.

May the Angel of Awakening stir our hearts
To the questions and struggles that are within and without us.
Open our eyes to the shades of light and dark in every one of us
And help us to face what is uncomfortable or difficult to absorb or comprehend.

May the Angel of Expression help us to voice
Our fears, hurts, anger, anxieties and hopes,
Our doubts, ambivalences and uncertainties
Especially when we feel alone in sharing them.

May the Angel of Transformation help us pass through thresholds,
Letting go of what needs to be forsaken
While receiving what is needed for the next stage of the journey
And turning shame into worship.

May the angel of Inspiration give us new understanding,
Moving us out of places where our lives have become too comfortable
And into new territories where all that is awkward is not hidden, ignored or brushed aside,
Healing our wounds and leading us into deeper truth, freedom and action.

May the Angel of Compassion open our eyes
To the loneliness and suffering – seen and unseen – around us
That we may be filled with love and have the confidence and courage to share it,
Giving life to those around us and healing all our wounds.

(Inspired by and loosely based on John O’Donohue’s ‘A Blessing of angels’ in ‘Benedictus: A book of blessings’)

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