Finding meaning in the Margins

Meditatio, London (November 2016)

‘Nourishing…inspiring…tremendous sense of unity…like an Act of Worship…a revelation…paradoxical..warm and welcoming…insightful. 

House of Prayer, Surrey (November 2016)

‘I went away ” bothered and blessed” – aware of my capacity for avoidance and gratitude for my blessings and aware I had been in a sacred space too…’

‘Brought to mind lots of marginal times and questioned my sense of centre, which I thankfully have, in order to keep moving in my work.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the day and the way it was led.’

Social Sculpture Festival, Oxford (September 2015)

‘It  helped me to see the margins in a  positive light.’

‘It made me appreciate how interesting and intellectually challenging the margins are.’

‘The discussion moved from the personal, to the political, to the spiritual…there was a good cross-fertilisation of ideas for me through the jumble!’

‘I really valued having the time and space for exploring this subject. It gave me an opportunity to notice some of the issues which came up for me, and also to hear what was evoked for others. At times there was a wonderful timeless quality to my experiences.’

Runcton Manor, West Sussex, June 2015

‘…a chance to reflect widely on issues of the soul. A lot of self-development is goal-orientated, but this workshop was non-pressured and ‘held’ in a secure way by the group leaders.’

‘It was really good to meet a group of people who are obviously careful explorers of what it means to be spiritual in a Christian context, and I experienced a sense of relief that my personal struggles with faith can also find a home in a long tradition.’

‘I valued the possibility to reflect on experiences when I felt on the margins, read about well-known people who influenced and brought change for others as a result of being on the margins or choosing to embrace the cause of those being on the margins.’  


Chambers of the heart (Oxford Festival of Social Sculpture, 2015):

‘I was really struck with the imagery and wonderful way you presented the heart and took us on an imaginative journey through the heart.’

‘I was able to access my inner body and at the same time to increase my emotional understanding of the functions of the body.’           

‘You spoke really well and held the space. The wording was careful, accessible and lovely to listen to – I felt every word was potent and energised – I got a lot from it.’ 

‘Feeling my pulse didn’t get me into my inner world as effectively as listening to your words. It was only afterwards, putting my hand on my heart that I fully felt the warmth of my heart and the movement behind it.’

‘I got a sense of passion and commitment for what you are doing – and a kind of confidence.’ 

‘There are no bits of ego that get in the way – you only bring in what is useful and necessary.’

Circles and crosses (Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering, Bath University, 2014, and Greenbelt (Festival of faith, justice and the arts)

‘I’m not a Christian – I don’t even believe in God. But I found in your session that, for the first time in my life, I could actually begin to engage with the idea of the cross. Thank you for a profound experience.’

 ‘I found the session of ‘Crosses and Noughts’ one of the most profound experiences of this Year’s Meeting Summer Gathering.’

‘Thanks for the excellent session. I found it really educational and learned a lot. Most significantly I made a real connection with the divine during the session. It both reclaimed the symbol and moved it forward…Excellent work.’

‘I saw there was a session on crosses and immediately thought to myself ‘I wouldn’t want to go to that.’ I then found myself thinking: Why not? What am I scared of? What is it about the cross that I find so difficult to deal with? It made me realise that I really did need to come – and I’m so glad I did.’

 ‘Many thanks for your Session last Monday. It was an exercise which was different to anything else I’ve experienced in my time as a Christian. I wish you well with the development of your approach through art and meditation.’