Chambers of the heart

This process aims to help people to explore questions such as:

• What stops us from being more compassionate?

• What can our hearts tell us about the processes that we may need to follow if we are to become more compassionate?

• What are the implications of this on how we operate as individuals, communities, organisations and society as a whole?


The chambers of the heart is a process in which we explore the parallels between the functions of each of the chambers of the heart, together with the lungs, and the processes that we may need to go through if we are to become more compassionate as individuals, organisations, communities or society as a whole.

Although originally developed for care organisations, it can be adapted to any form of organisation or community. It can be run as a brief overview (approximately one hour); alternatively it can be run for particular organisations as a guided process over a day or longer, depending on the amount of support and working together required.

Feedback on chambers of the heart session at the Oxford Festival of Social Sculpture, 2015:

‘I was really struck with the imagery and wonderful way you presented the heart and took us on an imaginative journey through the heart.’

‘I was able to access my inner body and at the same time to increase my emotional understanding of the functions of the body.’           

‘You spoke really well and held the space. The wording was careful, accessible and lovely to listen to – I felt every word was potent and energised – I got a lot from it.’ 

‘Feeling my pulse didn’t get me into my inner world as effectively as listening to your words. It was only afterwards, putting my hand on my heart that I fully felt the warmth of my heart and the movement behind it.’

‘I got a sense of passion and commitment for what you are doing – and a kind of confidence.’ 

‘There are no bits of ego that get in the way – you only bring in what is useful and necessary.’